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Complicated accident procedures and sequences are visualized with great attention to detail and based on data.

AeroXpert Visuals specializes in the data-based and detailed reconstruction of incidents and incidents, as well as accidents in aviation.

Technical defects in aircraft, helicopters, aircraft, as well as in the equipment of airports and incidents and incidents in aviation are our specialty.

You have come to the right place, especially when it comes to the visualization of flight accident sequences!

AeroXpert Visuals combines the know-how of aircraft accident investigations and 3-D visualization.

Bring the quality of your aircraft accident report, your expert opinion, your technical explanations to a new standard.

A visualization speaks more than 1000 words!

Production: AeroXpert Visuals

Category: 3-D Accident Sequence Animation

Date: January 2022


We would be happy to advise you on the phone, by email or on site about the added value and advantages of an accident sequence animation. And what makes the most sense to you?


We develop a storyboard for you. So you can get an idea of what the animation or 3-D visualization will look like afterwards.

Accident sequence description

On the basis of the available data and details, explain you and your goals and what you would like to see in the animation.

Video production & rendering

Taking into account your suggestions and corrections, we finalize the production and render the video for your sequence.

The quality and integrity of a job must speak for itself. Therefore we at AeroXpert Visuals are convinced that our work is our best reference.