Greenbox Studio incl. Light & sound technology, cameras and teleprompter as required

If you want to rent a greenroom in Vienna, you have come to the right place with AeroXpert Visuals. In addition to a In Office Greenbox we also offer high-quality lighting and sound technology for optimal results in our office in Vienna’s new building. We also have a completely m obilen green screen (3×6 meters) with a mobile light and sound technology.

If you prefer to shoot in your office, you can use our mobile green screen solution incl. Borrow lighting technology.

Our highlight is our interview green box setting. For one Sitdown interview with up to 4 people.

Nothing stands in the way of a perfect video shoot or live stream in Vienna.

Regardless of whether you are interested in our mobile green screen or our in-office green room.

Both are quickly set up and illuminated and ideally suited for full-body shots.

In addition, we also offer a telepromter to keep your recording and text flowing.

Green Room Only

€100 1/2 day

Green Room Only

  • Half day 100 €, excl. VAT
  • Full day 150 €, excl. VAT
  • fully assembled green screen
  • Uniform fix illumination of the green screen



Mobile Green Box, including sound & light equipment & teleprompter

€100 1/2 day

Mobile Green Box, including sound & light equipment & teleprompter

  • Half day 100 €, excl. VAT
  • Full day 150 €, excl. VAT
  • mobile green screen
  • Extensive lighting equipment
  • 1 piece Rohde radio microphone
  • 1 piece of teleprompter

Camera equipment

You are also welcome to rent the camera equipment from us!


Our green screen is set in scene by our professional lighting equipment. So that you know your appearance is well lit!

Live stream

If you have the need to reach your viewers live, our Green Room Studio also offers the possibility of a live broadcast.

Sound & sound

We have the most modern Rode radio microphone technology to enable you to have an adequate sound experience!