Flight path I
Flight path II

AeroXpert Visuals creates data-based flight path analyzes & reconstruction and visualizes accident sequences.

The combination of investigation results, forensic evidence, material evidence and testimony is our specialty.

As a team of aircraft accident investigators and court sworn experts, we are very careful about the accuracy of our analyzes and reconstructions.

We visualize facts to make the course of the accident visible so that laypeople can understand it.

We will return the pictures in the event of an accident or incident!

This is the “new standard” for presenting aircraft accident reports!

Client: AeroXpert Visuals

Category: Flight path reconstruction

Date: 2022

Data Analysis

We collect the available data from various sources and analyze the quality.

Map Provision

In the course of the flight path display, we provide the necessary current or historical map material.

Fact & Evidence Construction

The most time-consuming work step is now to bring together the evidence and facts. As well as the forensically necessary appraisal and synchronization of the data.

Video & Animation Creation

The visual presentation and the animation are created and edited in this step.