Medical 3-D animations are part of our know-how! AeroXpert Visuals - Medical gives your medical topic the images and animated explanations!

It’s a long way from an idea to the finished product .

Characterized by vision, innovation and research .

In order to be able to present these visions at an early stage, the visual display and three animations are required to be able to display scientific developments and complex medical or biological processes.

AeroXpert Visuals Medical supports you in the visualization and 3-D representation of this process.

As part of our portfolio, we can also show complex relationships in explanatory videos.

“Next level” medical storytelling!

Client: AeroXpert Visuals

Category: Medical animations

Date: January 2022

Storytelling & script

Show us your vision for your animation or explanatory video. We at AeroXpert Visuals-Medical write the storytelling for you and develop your script.

3D animations & video creation

On the basis of your script and the story to be told, our 3D specialists and programmers produce your animation or your explanatory video. Based on facts, it is tailored to your target audience.

Script creation & dubbing

The creation of scoring and voiceover, adapted to the languages you want, reflects an essential step in the alignment of your animation or an explanatory video.

Video presentation & PR support

Aeroxpert Visuals – Medical accompanies you in the 3-D animation or video presentation and in the video placement process.

Both in the specialized media and the support and opinion-forming in court proceedings are key competencies of our services.