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Aeroxpert Visuals - your on-stop address for the production of aircraft accident explanatory videos

“Next level” safety communication & explanatory videos of aircraft accidents and aircraft accident reports.

Our goal and trademark at Aeroxpert Visuals are to produce explanatory videos that explain the connections and processes in the course of an accident to laypeople, not only those interested in aviation.

Decision-making and opinion-forming based on forensic data, pieces of evidence, witness statements and objective factual evidence packaged and visualized in a self-explanatory narrative.

A visualized report of an accident or incident represents the objective circumstances to be borne to present the viewer with a visual preparation of the investigation results.

Aeroxpert Visuals accompanies you in the implementation and the creation of an explanatory video.

Starting with the script, storytelling, 3D animations, flight path adjustments, with voiceovers in different languages.

Your one-stop-shop for creating accident explanatory videos, accident reconstructions & 3D accident animations.

AeroXpert Visuals


Tel: +43 699 18226286

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Attn. Thomas M. Friesacher, MSc

Storytelling & script

Show us your vision for your explanatory video. We at AeroXpert Visuals write the storytelling for you and develop your script.

3D animations & video creation

On the basis of your script and the story to be told, our 3D specialists and programmers produce your explanatory video. Based on facts, it is tailored to your target audience.

Script creation & dubbing

The dubbing and voiceover creation, adapted to the languages you want, reflects an essential step in the alignment of your explanatory video.

Video presentation & PR support

Aeroxpert Visuals guides you in the video presentation and in the video placement process.

Both in the specialized media and the support and opinion-forming in court proceedings are key competencies of our services.