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We are AeroXpert Visuals

Aircraft accident reconstruction & 3D accident animation agency.

AeroXpert Visuals – “next level” safety communication & visualization of flight accidents and flight accident reports.

We have been investigating accidents and incidents in aviation for many years. In the course of this activity and forensic evaluation of data, we draw on a wide range of practical experience in the aviation industry and accident reconstruction, from aircraft construction and aircraft maintenance to a deep understanding and application of the physical limits in the interpretation of data that we use in our investigations.

As experts in litigations in connection with aviation topics and lecturers at universities of applied sciences and aviation consultants, we pass on our knowledge.

Media and litigation consulting, in particular the visualization of accidents, moves into focus in court proceedings, accident reports and media presentations to visually represent the accident.

At AeroXpert Visuals, we connect Aviation and accident research know-how with the ability and knowledge of our 3-D and visualization experts to give you a tailor-made, detailed preparation for your Media coverage, legal proceedings, a line of argument or an accident explanatory video showcase.



Objective and independent

The fundamentals of AeroXpert Visuals, the team, the resources and the methodology we use are based on this value & attitude.


Data Analysis

Data reflect individual factors. However, only the interaction of data from different sources results in an overall view. Based on these scientific evaluations and weightings, an analysis is made which can represent the accident.



As aircraft accident investigators, we reconstruct an accident with forensic accuracy and bring together data, witnesses and evidence. This with scientifically accurate technology and methodology.



Visualizations put people at the scene of an accident and allow you to assess liability with objective accuracy based on scientific methods.


The center of our work


The Quality of our Work

At AeroXpert Visuals, people are the focus of interest.

We guarantee you an independent, objective and impartial way of working. Precision and speed as well highest confidentiality are the baseline in this sensitive field of work,

We look forward to working with you!

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How we can help you with accident visualization

What we can do for you!

Technical precision in accident reconstruction requires more knowledge and competence than money.

We visualize your accident. – No matter how complex, no matter how time-consuming!

No order is too small for us, and no requirement is too big!

With our visualization & 3D specialists, we return the images to the accident!

3D Accident Reconstruction

An accurate accident reconstruction based on forensic data, evidence and witnesses must be the basis for any reconstruction.

Accident Animations

An accurate accident animation based on data returns the images to an accident.

Accident scene photography

Creates the basis and data for further action and paves the way for a forensically correct evaluation.

Accident explanatory videos

Shows the general public, the judge, the jury or the affected how and why an accident occurred.

3D Scan accident recordings

The most advanced and modern way of documenting an accident in detail.

Video Production & Story-telling

We produce and create your videos according to your needs and requirements. We tell and visualise your story.

Technical Portfolio

  • Analysis of mid-air collisions
  • Performance analysis of airplanes and helicopters
  • Inspection and analysis of wreckage
  • Assessment of security and maintenance procedures
  • Biomechanics
  • Analysis of the stability and control of aircraft
  • Analysis of the pilot’s action and expectation
  • Models, mockups and presentations

Visualization Portfolio

  • Production of accident explanatory video
  • Flight path reconstruction
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Visualization & Virtual Reality
  • Assessment of security and maintenance procedures
  • Material analysis / fracture reconstruction
  • Fluid dynamic analysis
  • Kinematic evaluations for occupants
  • Ice accumulation analysis
  • Media processing of aircraft accidents

3D Accident Animation


A detailed 3D animation and reconstruction of an accident can make all the difference in clearing up and preparing an accident or incident into an accident report or court case.

3D Scanning


Visualize your data and facts to give them meaning!

Professional Accident Reconstruction


AeroXpert Visuals prepares your data with forensic accuracy and develops a forensically correct reconstruction of an incident.

Creation of explanatory video & storytelling


Aeroxpert Visuals creates a self-contained explanatory video about the course of an accident, preferably with descriptive elements and factual presentations.


Combined flight accident investigation & 3D animation know-how. Excellent service.

The quality and integrity of a job must speak for itself. Therefore, we at AeroXpert Visuals are convinced that our work is our best reference.


Highly specialized experts in aircraft accident investigation & 3D visualization & media design
Image fTM in front of the aircraft IKA 2021 -3

Thomas M. Friesacher, MSc

Legal appointed Aviation Litigation Expert. Aviation Accident investigator.

T: +43 699 18226286


Expert in flight incident and flight accident analysis, incidents and incidents in flight operations and flight accident investigations. Focus on Systematic / Scientific analysis of flight incidents, accidents, and flight training incidents. FDM analyses as well as forensic evidence collection at the accident scene.

Lorenz Bild

Lorenz Anreiter

Art director. Digital artist.

T: +43 699 18226286


Expert in multi-media, 3d animation, 3d scanning as well as post production. Focus on data-based animation and storytelling, as well as media production management.


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